Agriya Agro Tech is an associate company of M/s. Linga Chemicals, Madurai, which is one of the leading companies in the field of agro chemicals, producing micro-nutrients, bio-controlling agents and other agro inputs.

Agriya Agro Tech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company engaged in manufacturing and marketing a diverse range of products derived from microbial organisms such as bacteria, fungi, etc.

Our objective is to maintain the highest standard of quality as well as provide better customer satisfaction and have a wide reach to all farmers. We focus on protecting the environment by producing eco-friendly products and thereby contributing to the welfare and of the society and mankind.

Our product range includes live microbe based bio-fertilizers, bio-control agents, effluent treatment mixtures and probiotic feed supplements for livestock. We can guarantee the highest standard in quality and effectiveness of our products.

Our Vision

"A Leading Company in the Biotech Industry"

Our vision is to grow profitability through delivery of high quality products competitively to customers and also to develop and maintain high standards in the industry.

Our Policy

  • * Comply with applicable safety and health regulations by ensuring and assisting everybody with their responsibilities.
  • * Caring about the environment and responsible utilization of natural resources.
  • * Continually improve and supply high quality and innovative products competitively and exceed customer expectations.
  • * Safeguard quality matters and manufacture eco-friendly products.

Why the Biotech Approach

The advent of the Green Revolution marked a turning point in human history. Up until that point, the problem of feeding the world’s populations was regarded unsolvable by many great minds of the time. The Green Revolution changed all that and proved that feeding 7 billion people was feasible. However, in the long run, this rapid growth brought with it its own set of problems such as bio-accumulation of synthetic chemicals in the ecosystem, proliferation of dangerous pesticides in households and a resistance by the pests to the synthetic pesticides over generations that led to people using even stronger and dangerous chemicals.

We believe that the future lies with not with synthetic chemicals for agriculture but a microorganism based, natural one. This sentiment is reflected by most developed countries which heavily promote organic farming and other sustainable methods. Using such a microorganism based approach completely eliminates problems such as the pests developing a resistance to the pesticides or any sort of harmful effects to humans from contact with the pesticides. As for fertilizers, the performance of the bio-fertilizers can match the performance given by inorganic fertilizers. In our opinion, there is no reason not to use the microbe based fertilizers and pesticides over the synthetic ones.