Bio composter is a microbial mixture that is used to accelerate the process of decomposition of organic matter (compost) in the farm/garden. The compost, if left inside a pit or a vessel, will take a long time to decompose. When Bio composter is used, the microorganisms present in it, fastens the decomposition process and break down the organic matter to produce carbon di oxide, water, heat and humus. This results in an organically rich end product, which can be used as a fertilizer.


  • Decomposition using Bio composter is an odourless process.
  • It quickens the process of decomposition of the compost.
  • The compost is completely decomposed when Bio composter is used.
  • It is effective under various environmental conditions.
  • It contains high quality final product which is an excellent soil conditioner.
  • It lowers risk of pollution by chemical fertilizers.

Directions for use

  • Mix 1 litre of BIO COMPOSTER in 200 litres of water per 1000 Kgs of compost.
  • Spray once in 15 days until complete decomposition.


1 litre per 1000 Kgs of compost.


Liquid form: 2 x 108 cfu/ml