Fish Care is a blend of natural bacteria specifically designed to discourage disease proliferation in the aquatic environment by boosting the immunity of Fish and Shrimp and thereby reducing their mortality and improving their survival rate.
Fish care acts as a preventive beneficial bacteria and helps in the digestion and disease control of the fish and shrimps. It boosts the immunity and growth of the fish by increasing the intake of food and keeps a healthy digestive system.

  • Fish Care creates a probiotic farming environment and speeds up the natural process of organic load and sludge breakdown.
  • Fish Care suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria especially Vibrio, Salmonella and E.coli.
  • Fish Care reduces white feces and white gut problems.
  • Fish Care helps in increasing the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).
  • Fish Care improves the survival and growth of Shrimp / Fish.
  • Fish Care acts as a feed supplement by promoting the growth of Phyto / Zoo Plankton.
Dosage for Application

For Shrimp: 5 Litres / acre   6 Am – 10 Am  5 Pm – 6 Pm

For Fish: 4 Litres / acre   Use once in 15 days from the
date of applying Pond Clear


A combination of Probiotic Bacillus species.


2 x 109 cfu/ml