Glucon’s active ingredient Gluconacetobacter is a very significant symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacterium for sugarcane. It was first discovered in high yielding varieties of sugarcane grown in Brazil. As per international research findings up to 40% biological nitrogen fixation in Sugarcane is due to these bacteria. It addition to its nitrogen fixation it also secretes useful growth promoting hormones such as Indole Acetic Acid (IAA).

Mode of Action

Fixes the nitrogen in the sugarcane and enhances the content of sugar in the cane by promoting growth hormones.

Recommended crops

This fertilizer is specially made for Sugarcane.


Liquid form: 500 ml to 1000 ml / acre

Powder form: 5kgs / acre


Liquid form: 1 x 108 cfu / ml

Powder form: 5 x 107 cfu / gm