Liquid drought resisting bacteria Methylobacter extorquens are ubiquitous in nature and have been detected in soil, dust, freshwater, lake sediments, on leaf surface and nodules. They are aerobic, gram-negative bacteria and they are able to grow on a wide range of multi-carbon substrates. However they are characterized by their unique capability to grow on carbon compounds such as formate, formaldehyde, methylamine including the methanol emitted by the stomata of plants as the sole carbon and energy source which not many bacteria do. Evidence exists that these bacteria utilize methanol emitted by the stomata of plants, and it has been reported that they produce cytokinin, zeatin, transzeatin, zeatin riboside and Indole acetic acid.

Mode of Action

Provide cytokinins and IAA to plants.

Recommended crops

All crops.


Liquid form: 250 ml – 500 ml / acre


Liquid form: 1 x 108 cfu / ml