Phospholin is an eco-friendly bio fertilizer. Phospholin has an effective bacterium called Bacillus megatherium which helps to convert insoluble phosphate into simple and soluble form. At the time of biological biochemical conversion, plants absorb the phosphate as a nutrient source.Phosphate solubilisers produce organic acid (viz. Citric acid, Succinic acid, Lactic acid, etc), hormones (viz. Indole acetic acid, Gibberellin, etc), and enzymes (viz. Phytase, Nuclease, Lacittinase, etc).
Phospholin helps in 25% reduction of inorganic phosphate intake, helps in enhancing the crop yield, increases rapid cell development and increases resistance towards diseases.

Mode of Action

Phosphobacteria means microbial inoculants, capable of solubilizing phosphate. It multiplies fast in the root zone. The phosphate solubilizer containing bacteria convert the insoluble form of phosphate into soluble form by producing organic acids in general.

Recommended crops

All crops.


Liquid form: 500ml – 1000ml per acre

Powder form: 3-5 kg per acre


Liquid form: 1 x 108 cells/ml

Powder form: 5 x 107 cells/gm