Potashlin is an eco-friendly bio fertilizer. Potashlin consists of the very effective Virulence bacteria Frateuria aurentia which is capable of mobilising potash towards the area near the roots of the plants. It works well into all types of soil. This mobilised potassium is easily available to the plants and reduces potassium application. The mobilising power is so high that it can save up to 50-60% of the chemical potassium fertilizer and increase the yield up to 15% Potashlin increases the quality and size of fruits and vegetables and also helps in maintaining soil structure.

Mode of Action

Potash solublizing bacteria means microbial inoculants, capable of solubilizing Potash. It multiplies fast in the root zone. The Potash solubilizer containing bacteria convert the insoluble form of Potash into soluble form by producing organic acids in general.

Recommended crops

For all crops.


Liquid form: 500ml – 1000ml per acre

Powder form: 3-5 kg per acre


Liquid form: 1 x 108 cells/ml

Powder form: 5 x 107 cells/gm