It is a powder-form, premium probiotic feed supplement for healthy birds. It ensures a healthy and balanced gut microflora and reduces digestive upsets. By controlling pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, Shigella, etc., Prolin – P reduces disease incidence and mortality rate. Prolin – P gives a number of advantages including increasing digestive capabilities, improving egg size and quality of meat among many others.

  • Improves feed utilization, FCR and body weight.
  • Reduces disease incidence and mortality rate.
  • Suppresses production of harmful substances like ammonia, indoles, phenols and hydrogen sulphide.
  • Reduces food cost and medicine cost.
  • Hydrolyses the nutrients to be absorbed by the digestive tract thus making it easier for the poultry to digest the feed.
  • Ensures better growth and survival rates.

500 g to 1 kg per ton of feed