Vamlin is an eco-friendly bio fertilizer. It consists of Ectomycorrhiza and Endomycorrhiza. Vamlin plays a great role in inducing plant growth by facilitating the uptake of essential minerals and nutrients from the soil. VAM are symbiotic Enthopytic soil fungi. VAM fungi produce Hyphae which are microscopic tubes that colonise crop roots and grow out into the soil farther than the root hairs.
Nutrients are taken up by the Hyphae and carried back to the plant. VAM inoculation enhances water absorption and storage in plants. This movement of water to the plants enhances its ability to survive drought situations.
VAM produce specific antibiotics which immobilise and kills soil borne pathogens. VAM inoculation reduces the chemical fertilizer application by 40-50% from recommended dose.

Mode of Action

It makes immobile form of phosphorus into available form for the plants. Helps in uptake of nutrients like zinc and micronutrients by increasing the surface area of the plant roots. Other benefits include tolerance to drought, high soil temperature, soil toxins and extreme pH levels, as well as production against root pathogens.

Recommended crops

For all crops.


Liquid form: 500ml – 1000ml per acre

Powder form: 3-5 kg per acre


Liquid form: 100 spores/ml

Powder form: 100 spores/gm