Zincolin is an eco-friendly bio fertilizer. Zincolin has pure cultures of naturally occurring soil borne zinc solubilising bacteria which helps to convert the insoluble inorganic zinc into simple and soluble form. This mobilised zinc is easily available to the plants.
Zincolin helps to increase yield and grow healthier crops and also reduces the input of inorganic fertilizers.

Mode of Action

Zinc solublizing bacteria means microbial inoculants, capable of solubilizing Zinc. It multiplies fast in the root zone. The zinc solubilizers containing bacteria convert the insoluble form of Zinc into soluble form by producing organic acids in general.

Recommended crops

All crops.


Liquid form: 500ml – 1000ml per acre

Powder form: 3-5 kg per acre


Liquid form: 1 x 108 cells/ml

Powder form: 5 x 107 cells/gm